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Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.15 "Senate Murders"
Murders A

Ergh.  Not looking forward to this one.

Cookie: “Searching for the truth is easy.  Accepting the truth is hard.”  Something Padme is reminded of in this episode.  Then again, the truth in this case was never going to be a pleasant one.

This will be important later for chronology.  Padme at this point is trying to prevent more clone troopers from being created, so the debate for the bill is still happening.

Now, let’s address that idea.  Padme wants to cut military spending in the middle of a major war.  A war on which the survival of the Republic depends.  This makes absolutely no sense to me.  This is like cutting military spending in the middle of 1943 because training more troops is going to freak the Axis out and prolong the war.  What does Padme think will happen here, if the Republic scales down its forces the Separatists will just retreat behind their borders?  I can understand being against war, heck she’s still calling for negotiation in Episode III, but handicapping yourself hardly seems like the way to do it.

Mon Mothma, getting some dialogue!

Subtle OT ref: “'Exciting' isn’t exactly the word I would use.”

King Katunko!

Senator Deechi?  More like Senator Dracula!

Okay, she might have something of a point about war spending bankrupting a government.  That’s often a concern.

Halle Burtoni.  Don’t get much more veiled than that.

“This war will not end soon!”  Um… yay?

RIP, Uncle Ono.

Duchess Satine making kind of a random cameo there.

Oh, Lt. Divo.  Part of me kind of enjoys the quirky old fashioned detective, part of me thinks between the look and the inflection of the character, he just doesn’t belong in Star Wars.  It doesn’t bother me that he hasn’t shown back up.  Well, not in any major way, that is.

I kind of love how even Deechi’s office is dark and sinister.

Man, Burtoni is so rude.  Or wude, as Jar Jar would put it.

For whatever reason, I’ve always liked the moment where Padme and Bail draw their sidearms.  Maybe because of Padme’s kind of cocky confidence.  Anakin’s rubbing off on her a little bit.

I wonder if Jimmy Smits or Natalie Portman ever reflect on their animated forms.  I suppose the same could be said for Ewan, Hayden, Ian, Sam, etc.

Divo’s a cop.  Couldn’t he hold Padme and Bail if he wanted to?  Obstructing with an investigation or something?

The crooks always give themselves away on kids’ shows.  And often on Law and Order, too.

Palpatine smirking at this situation is hilarious.

“He was sorry!”  Great defense there of Ono's mistakes there, Padme.

Delivering the knockout blow is pretty good, though.  Kind of funny that she tenderly pulls her hand back immediately after.  Like it's improper for a senator to punch someone out.

Chronology note: the clone production is approved.  Padme’s side fails.  I think we get two or three episodes in season three that take place before this vote.

Next: Travel back in time and out of sight in “Cat and Mouse”!