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Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.16 "Cat and Mouse"
Cat A

Cookie: “A wise leader knows when to follow”.  I’m sure this will apply to Anakin somehow.

So, we’re back to Christophsis, before even “The Hidden Enemy” in the timeline.

Yeah, three cruisers and three support ships is not nearly enough to break that blockade.

Ah, Admiral Trench.  His voicing performance reminds me of Megatron from Transformers: Beast Wars.

One Republic cruiser.  Gee, thanks Obi-Wan.

All right, so we have a Hammer here. In the EU, cloaking devices not only blind sensors on the outside so they can’t detect the ship, but they also blind the cloaked ship’s sensors, meaning you can’t see anything when you’re cloaked.  Kind of a dumb rule, but I suppose they needed a reason you didn’t see them in Star Wars all over the place.  I’m okay with that not being the case here, though.

I like the stealth pilot clone helmet.  Very cool.

Nice that Yularen gets a central role in an episode for once.

It seems like spider characters on TV always have six eyes.  Maybe eight just looks like too many, even if it would be accurate.

Strange to me that the Hyena Bombers actually sound like hyenas.

You know, this is space.  Thinking about it, they could have simply taken their cloaked ship far wide of the blockade and avoided nearly getting hit by the Separatist bombers.

“Help us, General Kenobi.  You’re our only hope.”  Knew that had to come at some point.

I do like the battleship vs. submarine scenario we have here.  Fun stuff.

“Hello ugly.”  I think that’s one of my favorite Lanter line deliveries up to this point.

Wow, Trench is one dramatic cat.

“Well, no ship this small usually has a cloaking device.”  Nice nod.

Well, Trench does take death with dignity.

Nice, tense little episode.  I enjoyed the revisit.

I forgot that this was really the first mission together for Anakin and Yularen.

Next: Time to rise with the “Bounty Hunters”!