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Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.18 "The Zillo Beast"

Zillo A

Cookie: “Choose what is right, not what is easy.”  Controversially, that probably applies to Mace’s position in this episode, at least he would think so.  Overall, this tends to be the light side vs. dark side debate and a theme that runs through much Good vs. Evil fiction.  One of the Harry Potter films almost had these exact words run over the title of its trailer.

Welcome to Malastare, which I’m sure somehow contradicted part of the EU.  Pretty sure some of the online crowd was sad about that.  Hard for me to care.  I’m okay with Dugs ruling the planet instead of Gran.  I mean, it got Dugs into The Clone Wars, didn’t it?

Those proto X-Wings make their Clone Wars debut!  I was happy to see those.  ARC-170s, according to Wookieepedia.

I’m wondering why we haven’t seen more of this EM bomb used against the Separatists. It’s not like every planet they drop it on is going to have a giant beast sleeping underground.

Love that the bomb makes Anakin’s artificial arm malfunction.

Okay, I guess that sinkhole didn’t necessarily happen because of the Zillo Beast.  Might not want to leave a giant crater on every planet you fight the droids.

Mace gets the “bad feeling” line for, I think, the first time.

Good morning, Zillo!

And a Wilhelm scream.

Speaking of scream, the Zillo actually has a pretty cool one.  Unique.

I wonder if this is what playing Shadow of the Colossus is like.

Mace Windu: The Jedi Order’s PETA representative.

It is a major assumption for Mace to believe this is the last Zillo. Just because the Dugs thought them extinct obviously doesn’t mean they are.  There could be others out there, hidden in the depths.

Not a terrible episode, but I'm not completely sure why it and its arc exist.

Next: Go from Godzilla to King Kong in “Zillo Beast Strikes Back”!
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