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Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.11 "Lightsaber Lost"
Lightsaber E

“Easy isn’t always simple.”  Yeah, I got nothing.

Ithorians everywhere!

Anakin’s so dramatic.  “The Separatists!”

Anakin’s not the most observant guy.  Ahsoka doesn’t exactly keep her saber out of sight.  Not sure it's possible with the clothes she wears.

Tonnika sister!  Nice ANH refernce.

A “resting my eyes” joke.  ‘Cause he’s an old guy.

Love Ahsoka’s reaction to his “fishy” joke.

It’s-a me!  Banu!

I guess Gha Nachkt’s deformed appearance isn’t as odd as we thought.

Sideways eyelids.  Those are a little creepy-looking.

Jaime King, rocking one scary mask.

Not sure James Bond would be able to keep up with this lady.

Ione is voiced by the same actress who did Barriss Offee.  She delivers some of her lines in the same way.

Interesting that Tera calls Cassie a bounty hunter.  More like a murderer and thief.

The police droids look like they’d fit right in with some odd clockpunk world.

Ha!  Tera drives like an old guy!  Too bad they didn’t put his speeder’s blinker on.

Sinube, showing up like a boss!  With a silver blue lightsaber, no less.

Not sure about that lesson at the end.  But not a bad episode.  Fun little diversion.

Next: The T-visor is back in “The Mandalore Plot”!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.10 "The Deserter"
Luke and Vader
Deserter B

“It is the quest for honor that makes one honorable.”  Possibly referring to both Rex and Cut being honorable men in their own different ways.

Kenobi goes after Grievous alone.  Makes me wonder what Anakin and Adi were doing.  Obi-Wan even has Rex with him.

Grievous gets to ride one of the beasts from the Geonosis arena! A... reek.  That's the one I can never remember for some reason.  Always remember the nexu and acklay.

Jessie and Hardcase, of course, both have a large role in the Krell arc in season four.

Hard to believe Rex survives that sniper shot to the chest.

Blonde clone!

One of the Twi’lek kids is voiced by the actress who did Phil (and Lil) on Rugrats.

Good to see they had shirtless models this season.  Would have been awkward to have more bandages wrapped on armor.

I used to think Suu was voiced by Jennifer Hale.  I was wrong.

I wonder how Cut Luqwayne came up with his name.

By the time “Clone Cadets” rolls around, it seems that everyone is getting a name.  Apparently that wasn’t the case when Rex and Cut were
being trained.

I feel for Rex’s little speech about what might happen if the clone army loses considering what happens after ROTS.  I can’t wait to see what Rex’s ultimate fate is.

The battle droids have even more personality in this episode than they really do up to this point.

I love that they made the dejarik game look low tech just like the original game did in ANH.

Got a little bit of Adult Horror with the kids being in danger and some of the more conventional kind with the deadly invaders laying siege to the house.

Commando droids, too.  Not a happy sight.

Another episode where I was afraid they were going to kill off a character.  Glad Cut makes it through.

I love that shot (and the revving up sound effect) of Obi-Wan running to and attacking Grievous.

Good thing those commando droids don’t feel it necessary to kill Cut when he’s pinned.

And Rex rides off into the sunset.

Next: Ahsoka learns some new lessons in “Lightsaber Lost”!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.09: "Grievous Intrigue"
Luke and Vader
Intrigue C

Cookie: “For everything you gain, you lose something else.”  We’ll come back to this one.

Grievous’ return was a long time coming.  We hadn’t seen him since “Lair of Grievous” in season one.

Yep, Eeth Koth is alive.  Guess who doesn’t care?  This guy!  Hammer!  (PS, I'm not nicknaming myself The Hammer.  That's what the Clone Cast calls the show overriding the EU)  (PPS, the Expanded Universe, not the European Union)

I liked the increasing order of difficulty we get from the boarding droids.  First SBDs, then commando droids, then Magna Guards, and finally Grievous himself.  Well, Grievous attacks last, anyway.

That music cue when Grievous walks in, which gets repeated for various scenes throughout the series, is one of my favorite in the show.

Timing “Jedi filth” with his lightsaber ignitions is kind of cool.

Would Grievous have a chance against the Koth without his Magnas?  Maybe.  Hard to say, but he clearly wins because of them.

Barriss in the background!  And Ahsoka.  And some younglings.  And, of course, future guest star Tera Sinube.

Commander Wolffe is back, with his new silver eye.

Adi Gallia makes her animated debut here.

Saleucami is famous to EU fans for the Siege of Saleucami arc in the Republic comics title.  I believe they went to a volcanic part of the planet in the comic story.  Obi-Wan also mentions it in ROTS.

Nice showcasing of Anakin’s piloting in that dropping out of Hyperspace.

I have no idea how gravity in that shuttle is working.  Is the planet’s gravity stronger than the shuttle’s?  I just don’t know.  You’d think they’d be in free fall without their artificial gravity working.

Grievous tries the cutting a circle in the bulkhead and launching it at your enemies maneuver twice.

Kenobi vs. Grievous, Part II!

Anakin prefers commando droids over destroyer droids.  I don’t blame him.

Obi-Wan’s words to Grievous reflect some ideas in the fortune cookie.  Grievous has lost a lot to gain the power he has, and he’s still Dooku’s lackey.

Tactical droids should never laugh.  Whenever they do, something bad happens to them.

Anakin actually sends Adi after Grievous and chooses to take Eeth back to the shuttle.  I know Anakin can’t meet Grievous until ROTS, but that just seems out of character for always on the front lines Anakin.

Cody actually punches Grievous in the face.  It doesn’t work, but it’s still kind of cool.

Adi vs. Grievous!  The first time I saw this, thought he might actually kill her.  Though that would have been kind of a waste of a character wouldn’t it?

I’m kind of wondering what the entire point of Grievous’ lure was.  Did he just want to fight and possibly kill some Jedi?  It simply becomes an escape attempt for him after they get Eeth Koth back.  Seems like a lot of resources simply to kill a few Jedi, capable as they may be.

Next: Rex gets some hard questions in “The Deserter”!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.08 "Brain Invaders"
Luke and Vader
Brain E

"Attachment is not compassion."  Applies to Anakin pretty well and addresses his little speech to Padme in Episode II.  He's hardly in this episode, though...

Nice creepy way for Psy to stand up.

Barriss is very perceptive.  All Ahsoka has to do is look at her and she knows it.  OTOH, in the words of one of the clones in "Ambush": "Uh, Jedi, mate."

Barriss quoting Mace is a nice nod to her being in the room when Mace made that statement.  Though he said "soldiers" not "warriors".

Little Imperial March motif when Ahsoka is talking about Anakin.

Poor Trap.  He's Ahsoka's friend, but she sure doesn't give him much thought.  (Apparently she does in the deleted scenes)

"If there's one thing we clones know, it's how to stop a Jedi."  Ominous foreshadowing.

More Imperial March as Anakin goes to Poggle.

This is how you give children nightmares.

Every time Fisto makes an appearance and I realize how much I like him, I often remember how quickly Sidious kills him.  And I get a little sad.

So, I guess the cookie really comes into relevance when examining Ahsoka's decision on whether to kill Barriss or not.  Anakin addresses this a little bit at the end.

An Alien/zombie homage followed by a body snatcher callback.  Scary couple of episodes!

Next: The villain you love to hate returns in "Grievous Intrigue"!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.07 "Legacy of Terror"
Legacy D

"Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it."  Um... a reference to Luminara maybe?

Obi-Wan healed fast.  Which is strange because he seemed more hurt than Ki-Adi.  Maybe something happened offscreen, though.

That sandstorm does look pretty neat.

This show makes me feel really bad for the battle droids sometimes.  That droid that gets left behind in the sand sounded so pitiful.

Geonosian zombies are pretty creepy.

Obi-Wan clearly hasn't watched any horror movies since he sends those two clones off on their own.

At least Obi-Wan is willing to call the bugs "zombies".  Zombie movies never do.

The Anakin and Obi-Wan banter in this episode is priceless.  Exactly what I pictured when thinking of them being friends.  Luminara gets in on it, too.

Anakin: "Find everything you wanted to know yet?"
Obi-Wan: "No, wait, I want to see how it works."
Anakin: "I don't think Luminara wants to see how it works."
Luminara: "No, I don't!"
Obi-Wan: "I'm curious!  The more we know, the better."
Luminara: "I disagree!"

Next: Body snatching in "Brain Invaders"!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.06 "Weapons Factory"
Factory B

"No gift is more precious than trust."  Lot of trust in this episode.  Anakin and Luminara have to trust their Padawans.  Ahsoka and Barriss have to trust each other.  It's an important theme throughout The Clone Wars and Ahsoka's growth.

Barriss!  Yay!  I think I'm in love.

I like their clone commander.  "Buckle your belts and check your cells, soldiers.  We're going in!"

I get that they wanted Anakin and Ahsoka to get in an argument early on, but Anakin's interruptions are kind of awkward.  And rude, to be honest.

Oh, they're arguing about him trusting her to get the job done right.  Insight on the fortune cookie.

Ah yes, the contrasting teaching styles.  The formal, subservient Luminara and Barriss style, probably more traditional, and the more combative Anakin and Ahsoka style, likely partly because Anakin is learning a lot himself by teaching his apprentice.

It's a little strange to see this episode after reading "The Approaching Storm", where Anakin and Barriss are about the same age and level in their training.

Though it does make sense that the Chosen One would reach Knighthood first.  It's just a little strange to think of Barriss and Ahsoka on similar skill levels, seeing as Barriss has likely been a Padawan for years.

Luminara's fighting style is very precise and deliberate.

Looking back on this episode, I wonder if the new Ahsoka model is actually taller than Barriss' model now.

I'm surprised we haven't seen more of the Separatist Super Tanks since this episode.  Even the long range heavy cannons from the movie are no match for them.

The first time I saw this episode, I was honestly wondering how Barriss and Ahsoka would survive.  With the music and the muted sound, they really do make it look like the end of the line.  Those Super Tanks are pretty durable, though.

There's arguments for and against the contrasting attitudes Anakin and Luminara have.  Luminara does seem way too ready to let go of Barriss.  But part of the reason for giving Anakin a Padawan was to teach him to let go of his attachments and he has a hard time with it, as Luminara points out to him.

Yes, Anakin never lost faith in Ahsoka.  Lesson learned.

Next: Bug zombies in "Legacy of Terror"!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.05 "Landing at Point Rain"
Point Rain C

Okay, I'm going to try and watch all four of these episodes back to back.  Here we go...

"Believe in yourself or no one else will."  Not sure who in this ep that refers to.  No one seems to suffer from a lack of confidence in this one.

Nice opening fleet shot.


Obi-Wan often has a heavy-lidded look to him.

Love Luminara cutting off the Anakin and Obi-Wan banter.

It's fun to find out what the nose art on the LAATs actually say.

I feel bad for the "good thing those bugs can't aim" guy.

Ki-Adi "There is no such thing of luck" Mundi tells his clone captain that "with any luck we can meet up with Skywalker."

Waxer and Boil!  Why do they always get the fun missions? I like the fact that they have to practically jump over a couple of explosions.

The anti-artillery spikes are a nice touch.

I don't like to think about what Geonosians do to soldiers they carry off.

The shot of Anakin, Ahsoka, and Rex falling as the wall explodes behind them is spectacular.

I think this is the first time Rex calls his men "lads".  Oh wait, maybe he did in the movie.  Or maybe that was Cody.

Flamethrowers!  They're cool, but surprisingly brutal for a kids' show.  Even one about a war.

That tracking shot of the Y-Wing arriving is simply fantastic.  Great moment.

I've always loved that final charge, too.

Ki-Adi doesn't seem all that impressed with winning Anakin's respect.

In any case, this was my favorite episode for years.  I'm a fan of the action-heavy episodes, it seems.

Next: The Padawans rule in "Weapons Factory"!

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.04: "Senate Spy"
Spy D

This sort of prelude to the Geonosis arc was pretty low on fan popularity for a long time.  I rewatched it a few months ago and it didn't really bother me all that much.  Maybe it helps that we've had such winners like "Senate Murders", "Corruption", and "The Academy". making "Senate Spy" look like a masterpiece in comparison.  We'll see what I think this time around, though.

Cookie: "A true heart should never be doubted."  Hmmm.  Not completely sure.  Maybe addressing some of Anakin's early reluctance in this episode for Padme to go on this mission.  Maybe watching again will refresh my memory.

Rush Clovis!  He actually did strike me as a survivor, even when things looked dire for him.

"Master Ani".  I wish Threepio would call him Anakin, but he has known him since childhood.

It's nice to get a domestic scene with Anakin and Padme.  Not the best scene, but this is one of the advantages of the series vs. the movies.  The movies didn't have time for things like this as much and even when it did, there was that specter of being discovered by the Jedi.  It's a little less anxious here.

Priceless reaction from Obi-Wan when Anakin makes a comment about Padme and Clovis' relationship.  Oh yeah, he knows more than he lets on.

"I'm not mad."  Don't listen to her, Anakin!

I like that it's a common thing for senators to use the pods in the Senate chamber to have private conversations between sessions.

It's refreshing to have Anakin and Padme have a straight up argument since so much of the time it's either lovey dovey or one being mad and the other conceding.

There are like eight seats in that shuttle.  Anakin only breaks one.  Pretty sure they can still sit next to each other.

I'll admit, the shaking the car/ship to jostle a passenger humor often makes me laugh.  Poor Clovis.

I remember many fans were confused about the Trade Federation's position in the war with Nute Gunray using their droids and ships in the war.  I'm not sure I have as much of a problem with it.  I can see war profiteering happening without the Republic necessarily knowing.

The food Artoo offers to Anakin looks like a cigarette.  I like the implications of that.

Nice dress ,Padme.  I saw this episode several times before I realized the sleeves and shoulder weren't attached to the lower dress.  So, I guess it has transparent straps or tape or something.  I'm sure the Star Wars galaxy has great textile technology.

The sleeves don't appear to be attached to each other, either.

Love the look on Padme's face when she realizes Clovis' password is her name.

Why isn't Typho, Padme's chief of freakin' security, at all involved with this situation?

I'll give this to Clovis, he's not completely irredeemable.  I'm interested in seeing his return in season five six.

Cold move, Anakin.  Though it's certainly the right move as far as the safety of the Republic goes.

Next: The Jedi strike in "Landing at Point Rain!"

Clone Wars Rewatch: 2.03 "Children of the Force"
Children C

Fortune cookie: "The first step to correcting a mistake is patience."  Maybe a little bit of Ahsoka's plea for patience from the last episode bleeding into this one?  They are able to get the upper hand in this one, after all.

Yularen gets back to the bridge really quickly after speaking with Anakin at the end of last episode.

OT quote: "No! Lock them all down! Hurry!"

I wonder how many spare hats Bane has.

It always comes back to Naboo, doesn't it?

This mind probe is a little scary.  BTW, it's Ahsoka's idea.  Once she sees it, though...

Jedi just love walking into traps.

Ahsoka, denied!  I would imagine Palpatine took some pleasure in doing that.

Mustafar!  Or as Sidious would call it, Mustafaaaa.

Having Palpatine and Sidious in back to back scenes makes his dual identity fairly apparent.

Little bit of Indiana Jones with Mace grabbing the lightsaber at the last second.

Obi-Wan says "Any time, Cody!" like it's them waiting on him.  Starting to see why he was so willing to blast Obi-Wan in the back...

And so Anakin visits the place that will change his life forever in a few years.

That Nautolan baby has a little Bride of Frankenstein in its look.

Why didn't Bane copy the holocron list?  Must be a complicated process.

Next: Padme goes undercover in "Senate Spy"!

Clone Wars Rewatch: Cargo of Doom
2.02 "Cargo of Doom"

Cargo B

The second season web comic actually ties a bit into this episode.  We see how Bolla Ropal is captured by Bane and we meet Ropal's Padawan.  It doesn't take long for the comic to diverge on its own storyline, though.

Fortune cookie: "Overconfidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness."  Referring to a certain skilled Padawan in this one, I would think.

Yularen is a little huffy this time around.  I used to think this might be the beginning of a larger strained relationship between the fleet and the Jedi, but that hasn't really formulated.

Anakin's doing a lot of glaring in this one.

Yularen argues that the walkers aren't designed for space, but we've already seen them used in space in "Downfall of a Droid".

Ropal, defiant to the end.

The droid reporting Ropal's death sounds almost regretful.

Walkers falling in space!

Nute Gunray, IN this episode!  This might be his last appearance.

Why wouldn't the Vulture Droids stay in the sky and attack from above?

I love that the droids' resigned attitude was already manifesting itself.

I'm a little surprised clone helmets don't already come with night vision standard.

The zero g battle is pretty fun.

Nice to see Ahsoka in a different outfit.

Torturing kids.  Bane just keeps getting more likable, doesn't he?

Poor, resigned droids.

Anakin's attachment issues return.  Of course, you can debate whether he makes the right or wrong choice here and whether it's he or the Jedi who would be the correct ones.

The shot of Bane escaping with his rocket boots is pretty sweet.

For once, the student teaches the master.

Corey Burton does a good job with the "no sir" line.  Even knowing the truth, it sounds like a clone.

I like that last exchange between Anakin and Yularen.

Next: Kids in peril in "Children of the Force"!